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Our mission is to push the culture of lacrosse forward to become more inclusive and inspire a more diverse generation of lacrosse players. As professional players, it is our responsibility to represent the individuals who came before us and the players who will come next.



Education & Culture

The culture that exists in lacrosse today directly impacts and reflects the demographics of players, from youth to the professional level. We believe that educating leaders, players, and fans within the game can impact conversation, raise awareness, and open new doors to a more diverse game.


The equal opportunity to play lacrosse, regardless of where you grow up, what you look like, and financial status is critical to the growth of the game. The barriers that exist in equipment, recruiting and culture are all barriers for young athletes to fall in love with lacrosse. 


Professional Game Development

Representation matters for the next generation. Having professional players the youth can look up to as inspiration, and idols can be all the difference in them falling in love with lacrosse. Connecting with the youth, as well as being active as role models, is imperative to impacting a more diverse generation of lacrosse.


The Black Lacrosse Alliance was formed in the summer of 2020 in response to the national movement in civil rights across the United States. As a minority group in Professional Lacrosse, the black players recognize the responsibility they have to build a better future for the sport. Today, the Black Lacrosse Alliance works directly with Players Coalition and operates as a tax-exempt affiliate of PC Charitable Foundation, a charitable 501(c)(3) organization.

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The Black Lacrosse Alliance is partnered with Players Coalition to pursue overlapping humanitarian and educational social justice missions. Players Coalition is structured as an independent 501(c)(3) (charity) and 501(c)(4) (advocacy) organization, working with professional athletes, coaches and owners across leagues to improve social justice and racial equality in our country.

Initiatives & Events


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Boost Camp was created after identifying the lack of support and mentorship that currently exists for minority players. Its goal is to provide them that mentorship and intentional guidance, as well as specific skill development. In order to continue to elevate the game of lacrosse, it's crucial that players have access to the tools that help them reach their highest potential.


Boost Camp is invite-only and will feature top minority collegiate athletes, through 2023 committed players. This will be small group intense training continuing their 360-degree approach towards empowerment, inclusion, and developing athletes.


Founding Members
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Isaiah Davis Allen


It’s important to unite as a group of African-Americans and discuss similar experiences. What would we have done differently? Why were there so few of us? Why has the demographic of our sport not changed in 100 years? BLA to me is an organization of professional lacrosse players that doesn’t just  talk about those questions, but are addressing the lack of diversity across the sport of lacrosse.


Myles Jones

We need change. I'll continue to do my part because we need role models to step up amidst all that we endure. We are in a fight to be equal and matter like all lives should.


Pat Harbeson

When I step on the field, my hope is that young black lacrosse players are inspired by our level of play and off the field see a group of black professional players who are actively pushing for change in the sport and are equally proud to be a black lacrosse player in America.


Dominique Alexander


We hope that our united effort will be a beacon that promotes true diversity and inclusion in our sport.


Mark McNeill


Each one, help one. We have an incredible opportunity to come together and make meaningful change. This is bigger than us.


Kyle Harrison


To be united with other black players in this sport of all ages to inspire change, engage in difficult discussions, and continue to work to make this sport as inclusive, and welcoming for anyone who wants to play it, is one of the greatest honors of my career. This sport has opened so many doors for my family and I, and I consider it my duty to make sure the next generation is afforded access to all this great game has to offer.


Romar Dennis


Unifying is the only way to keep our movement going forward. We are lucky that so many great athletes and educators came before us to pave the way for our activism.


Jules Heningburg


We know that a united effort at the highest level can change the trajectory of the next generation of players. It is a responsibility to the game that many before us sacrificed for us to have, and we take it seriously.


Ty Warner


You can’t be what you can’t see. I am proud to be a member of the BLA, as we strive to push this game to the next level by creating a lacrosse community in which people of all backgrounds feel a sense of belonging. Similar to how the older generation of black and brown players inspired us to pick up sticks and play this game, we must continue to pay this forward and make sure that the future generation of minority players have people to look up to in this sport. We must keep pushing to create an environment where young black and brown players know that this game is for them as well, and make it so that they will be accepted and find success both on and off the field.


Dhane Smith


Part of the reason I play this sport is to prove to people it doesn't matter the color of your skin you are capable of playing at the highest level. I do this for the next generation to show kids I went through what they are going through. Growing up black is amazing but has not been easy.


Josh Byrne


Don't be afraid of change.


Trevor Baptiste


Creating a more inclusive space in lacrosse is something that is extremely passionate to me. Couldn’t be more proud to be apart of the BLA to further educate and help create change in the game we all love.


Goran Murray


I'm excited about being a member of the BLA because of the unity it provides for African Americans in our sport. I believe with our collective knowledge and resources; we can build a pathway for players and coaches to navigate racial barriers and provide inclusive diversity. As a kid, I wished for a group like this and as an adult I'm honored to be working with these other great men to help our sport.


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